Talking to stragers…

Published March 24, 2014 by aimeelou96

They say that talking to strangers is dangerous and to some extent I of course agree, which I suppose you all do?

But without talking to strangers we would never socialise or make friends with anyone around us and half of the people we are close to would not know who we are.

In fact, if I had not of risked talking to a complete stranger over the well known chat service known as BBM, I would never of met my boyfriend… who i have now been with for 3 years.

I of course do not encourage young vulnerable people to go out and meet up with some stranger who they have been talking to over some form of social networking site. I went with my mum, she didn’t know he was a stranger to me; which i should have mentioned to her. But she was there when I first met up with him so I knew that I would be safer than I would have been if I was to have gone alone.

I know that nowadays we cannot be sure who we are talking to and it is a very big risk to do something as silly as i did, but if you do it properly and go with an adult, tell them the truth unlike I did, you will be safe and a good relationship could come from it!

Social networking has helped me find family members I never knew existed and friends I would be lost without… I guess you could say I am lucky that I have not ran into someone dangerous as there are many out there, I suppose my message is to be safe online and if you ever do want to meet someone new, go with an adult or at least tell someone you know where you are going and at what time, so that they can contact you and if you do not reply they can get help if necessary!


One comment on “Talking to stragers…

  • Eh, true. Every kid has learned that lesson. Don’t talk to strangers.
    And sure enough the internet only makes that lesson even more true. However, like many things in life, you have to break some rules, to some extent, to break out from your shell and your self, sometimes limited, existence.
    For me, talking to strangers has given me friends and love, and odd encounters, strange people, some scary people too. Others just weird, others I just couldn’t connect to them.
    All in all, take care. Be cautious. Don’t trust everything. But… don’t be afraid of everything. Talking to strangers can be so revealing and even liberating sometimes.

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